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What's the difference between a ginger ale and a ginger beer?

Ginger ale and ginger beer come in a wide range of varieties, from barely-there ginger flavorings to fiery beverages that can clear a cold out of your throat and anyone nearby.

At the lighter end of the ginger flavor spectrum are ginger ales like the ones commonly found in grocery stores, which often lack any discernible ginger taste.

Moving up a notch, ginger ales available at specialty stores like Tabletop Root Beer Shop offer a smoother texture, light to medium carbonation, and a definite ginger flavor without the biting sensation. These ginger ales are typically considered more traditional, characterized by their light and refreshing taste.

Ginger beers, on the other hand, can range from moderately spicy to incredibly intense. They tend to be fuller-bodied than ginger ales and can leave a lingering sensation on the tongue. It's worth noting that you can find ginger beers that are light-bodied with a strong ginger bite, or heavy ginger beers with a more subdued flavor, so the "heavier is more bite" rule isn't always reliable.


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